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Our Thanks to All for Dellwood Stories Come Alive

On behalf of the board of the Manchester Historical Society and the Trustees of Dellwood Cemetery, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this evenings event! I cannot express how grateful we are to the Dorset Players for donating their time and talent researching and rehearsing in preparing for this evening’s event!!!!!

To Suzi Dorgeloh who pulled together all the costumes, coordinating and casting- All of the actors again, amazing!

To the board members who came out to help with logistics, Kim Rizio, Jodi Harrington, Joe Charbonneau, Frederica Templeton, Michael Powers, Eric Severance, Orland Campbell, Pat Lee, Katy McNabb, Mike DiMonda, Joe Blair and so many more – what a great group!

To the Ekwanok Country Club for lending us their golf carts (we were a sight racing down Route 7!).

Kurt Baccei, the superintendent of Dellwood who with one helper keeps the Dellwood grounds in top order and sees to family needs year after year. (There used to be as many as 5 full time employees doing the work that he gets done today.)

Hoss from GNAT was front running the event filming all the spirits and if you weren’t able to attend, stay tuned for details!

Enjoy the photos! (Hubert Schriebl was there too, so many more to come!)

Shawn Harrington, Curator

Bravo to the Dorset Players!

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