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From: History of Bennington County, Vt.
With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers.
Edited by Lewis Cass Aldrich. Syracuse, N. Y., D. Mason S Co., Publishers, 1889.

Within the township of Manchester are three well-established and well-settled villages-Manchester, Manchester Centre and Manchester Depot. The post-station of Barnumville should, perhaps, be mentioned as one of the villages of the township, although it never attained any considerable population, or held more than a single important industry, and that during later years has gone into comparative disuse. Through the efforts of Mr. James E. MC NAUGHTON a post-office was established at the place, and whatever of life and progression the hamlet has shown has been, in the main, due to the labors of Mr. MC NAUGHTON. For some years he was extensively engaged in the manufacture of charcoal at Barnumville, but this, industry has declined seriously of late and only the old brick kilns remain of what was once a prosperous business. As has been said concerning Barnumville may with equal truth be mentioned of that locality which many years ago was known as Marbleville, although the latter is altogether a thing of the past, while the former does yet retain evidences of recent and present prosperity.

Marbleville was so named from the mills erected there for the purpose of sawing and otherwise preparing that valuable product for the market. The town, or what there was of such, was situated on the road leading from the main road to the west road, almost opposite the residence of judge MUNSON, and about half way between Manchester and Manchester Centre. But the industries of Marbleville are now gone, and all that remains to mark the locality are the old tumble-down mills with large water-wheels, more substantial than the buildings, and rising above the debris. This was never a trading point nor had it a post-station, but the gathering of houses in the vicinity attest the fact that here was once a busy community.